What's Inspected?

Upon requesting a home inspection, you will receive a detailed report that describes the overall condition of the house.  A visual examination and the overall components of the house will be assessed, including the following:

·   Roof, vents, flashing & trim 
·   Eaves, soffit, & fascia
·   Gutters and downspouts
·   Attic/Crawlspace
·   Insulation & ventilation
·   Electrical
·   Topography of property
·   Plumbing
·   Water Heater
·   Heating & Cooling Systems
·   Foundation
·   Driveway & Walkways
And much more…

Radon monitoring is also available.  We use a Sun Nuclear 1027 continuous monitor for accurate and timely reports--no need to send canisters off to a lab.